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Privacy Policy site En-Minecraft.org

What information is confidential?
Confidential is all the information Portal "En-Minecraft.org" can receive about the user during his stay on the Portal site "En-Minecraft.org" and which in principle can be correlated with the specific user.

The collection and use of personal information
Portal En-Minecraft.org" receives personal information about the User upon registration, the use of the Portal services "En-Minecraft.org" being on the Portal site "En-Minecraft.org".
Portal En-Minecraft.org" automatically receives and records logs technical information from the user's browser: IP address, cookie, technical data about the browser and operating system, and the address of the requested page.
All the information Portal "En-Minecraft.org" uses only one purpose: to make services and services more convenient and useful for the User.

The use of e-mail addresses
E-mail address entered by the User during registration on the Portal site "En-Minecraft.org" used for password recovery, emergency communication with users and to send notifications in accordance with the subscriptions in the user settings. E-mail address entered by an unregistered User when submitting messages that can be used for any newsletters and notifications to the users of the Portal "En-Minecraft.org" he published on the Portal site "En-Minecraft.org" in the clear.

Use and disclosure of personal information
Portal "En-Minecraft.org" anyone not sell or provide personal information about users except in the following cases:

The user has expressed a desire to disclose this information;
without this it is impossible to use the desired product or service;
this requires domestic or international law and/or the authorities in compliance with legal procedures;
The user violates the User agreement Portal "En-Minecraft.org".

Portal En-Minecraft.org can write cookies on the user's computer and subsequently use them.

Edit information and personal settings
Portal En-Minecraft.org provides users the opportunity to change their personal information or personal settings at any time.

Access to personal information about the user Portal "En-Minecraft.org" or his personal settings is password protected.

Privacy Policy changes
Portal "En-Minecraft.org" may make changes to the privacy Policy information. If there are significant changes, the Portal "En-Minecraft.org" obliged to report them to their users.