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Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

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Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

It's been a long time after the release of minecraft 1.6.2, so developers need to create something new. From this it follows that we will be able to download and play the new Minecraft 1.7.2. You will see a new world in which many things have changed. The entire list of changes we will describe below, the list is quite long, so you should be patient and read everything to the end.

The Title Of The Update: The Update that Changed the World


Developers are a lot of new biomes: Clay mountains, Redwood, Rock, Savannah, Black forest and Birch forest. Now we will try to tell you about each of them.


Mesa MinecraftMesa Minecraft

Now it will look like this biome. He will be generated from baked clay, and different colors. And as you can see the dry bushes that are in the desert.

Roofed Forest

Roofed Forest MinecraftRoofed Forest Minecraft

Densely overgrown forest, consisting primarily of oak and pine, the width of the barrel 2 by 2 block. As can be seen, in rare cases will appear mushrooms and birch.


Savanna MinecraftSavanna Minecraft

The biome with fairly flat terrain. Generated building NPCs. Spawned horses. Grow curved tropical trees.

Stone Beach

Stone Beach MinecraftStone Beach Minecraft

First screenshot of this biome, you can see above. Looks like interesting. As we know, it will basically consist of stone.

Birch forest

Birch forest MinecraftBirch forest Minecraft

The forest in which only grow birch.


Finally the game will be more types of flowers, and then there is little they once were. Now you can enjoy nature more often.

Sunflowers and Lilacs MinecraftSunflowers and Lilacs Minecraft
(Sunflowers and Lilacs)


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

The front side of this flower will look to the East. Will grow two blocks up. You will be able to breed.


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

As you can see from the screenshot, this flower is purple. The height of the sunflower. If you apply bone meal, it will fall just the same flower.


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

Color will be pink. On the application of bone meal, will fall another Peony.


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

Another new flower. Unknown nothing


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

There will be many color positions.

Houstonia grey

Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

The dye of this flower gets a light grey color.


Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

Replaces the rose in this version. From it will get a red dye.

Blue Orchid

Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

According to wetland biome. The dye to be light blue.

Oxeye Daisy

Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

The dye to be light grey.

Rose Bush

Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

Height of two blocks. Dye made from red. If you apply bone meal, rolled another flower.

Fix bugs

  • fixed a bug with lighting - less black spots.

  • Fixed bug generating torches, FORTS and abandoned mines.

  • Other changes

  • New structures;

  • the New system id;

  • Changing the display settings of the game;

  • Correspondence network code part of the game from scratch. Will be used Netty;

  • the Ability to select multiple resource packs at the same time;

  • New achievements: Reproduction. The beginning? The beginning. Mayakovsky. Adventure time. Diamonds to you!

  • Removed herobrine o_0

  • We have released a new version with all these changes, but plus fixed bugs - Minecraft 1.7.5.

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