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Minecraft 1.8.1 Download

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Logo Minecraft 1.8.1

As always, the new release crept up unnoticed, that's good. This time it's version Minecraft 1.8.1. Which makes explicit changes in the gameplay and adds new blocks. Download Minecraft 1.8.1 will be soon, so get ready.

release date 1.8.1: November 25, 2014.

Today, you'll know exactly what's new in minecraft 1.8 and 1.8.1, because they are probably the largest in the history of the version number of the added items and blocks, as well as changes in the gameplay.

New blocks:


New solid block. Having two States.


Granite in Minecraft

Polished Granite:

Polished Granite in Minecraft


New solid block. Having two States.

Diorite in Minecraft

Polished Diorite:

Polished Diorite in Minecraft


New solid block. Having two States.

Andezit Minecraft

Polished Andesite:

Polished Andesite in Minecraft

Slime Block

This unit resembles the slug. Walking on the block slows down the player. Bending down, he would throw the player up to the height of a jump.

Block slime in Minecraft


Don't destroy the block, completely invisible. Which can only be obtained with the command /give [nick] barrier .

Barrier in Minecraft

Iron Trapdoor

To open the hatch by hand not only through the signal from the red stone.

Iron Trapdoor in Minecraft

Other changes:

- Door:
Doors stakeouts 64 pieces; When the craft is created three doors instead of one;

- Anvil:
Will be processed under the new system of enchantment;
The cost of repair is reduced for all subjects;
The cost rename item will cost 1 level;

- Trading:
Will improve the trade balance.
The transaction will become less random.
Trading will become more useful.
Trading will give experience.

- Card:
The ability to deliver a particular resource-pack on a separate world.

- Blocks:
Buttons can be installed on the top and bottom of the block;
Distributors can place blocks in a frame that is installed on the dispenser;
The objects in the frame can be rotated signal red stone;

- Skin:
Added tab "skit costomization" (Via this button you can set the visibility of each part of the body.);
The cloak can only be disabled via the button;

- Difficulty:
The complexity can be fixed for a particular world;
This is done to ensure not to accidentally open world survival on peaceful difficulty;
Also, to avoid the temptation to change to an easier difficulty in dangerous situations;

- Creativity:
The mode of the viewer. (Passing through the blocks, invisible to the player invisible players seem translucent, the complete lack of interaction with the world);

- Adventure:
In adventure mode HitBox units only appear if the unit can interact (chest, arm and so on);
A more informative description of the tools will display the names of the blocks that this tool can break;
Additional NBT tag CanDestroy tool that indicates blocks that can be broken by this tool;

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