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X-ray for Minecraft 1.8

Author: redfox|5 comment|5332 view | Date: 1-02-2015, 09:49
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X-ray for Minecraft 1.8

Sometimes fair play is extremely boring. To dig for hours to find the right resource or treasure so tedious and not very fun. However, mod X-ray will change everything for you. With it you will be able to see ore and precious materials, which are under the earth, enable airplane mode when you want and much more. On page, you can download X-ray for Minecraft 1.8. Establish its easier and forge is not required.

1) To download and install Minecraft Forge 1.8 from our website.
2) Install CJB API archive CJB API.
3) All the contents of the archive CJB XRay move in minecraft/mods
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