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Windows x32(x86):
(*If you don't know what you got bit, download this version!)

Windows x64:


MacOS X:


Java LogoJava Logo
In order for the game Minecraft has run, you need to install on your computer Java. We just can download Java for Minecraft. If you will not, when you start the game you will beat out the error associated with this program. Because we want all of you have started to play, we show the possibility to download and install Java.

You should visit this page from time to time, all due to the fact that this program updates the developer to the new version, fixing bugs and improving stability. We will post each new update as soon as it appears.

We put the official distribution without changing its not droplets, so about safety do not worry!

You might notice that the top two download links. One leads to a version for 32-x bit, the other 64 bit systems. So you definitely need to install Java to its capacity, as this increases its stability and of course the game itself. If you have 64 bit system, it is better to put the two at once, just in case. If you do not know your bit, put 32-x, not to do bad deeds
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    I'm surprised you didn't put a Linux version up there. It's called Minecraft Linux edition right(MC Java Edition)?
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