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Minecraft 1.7.5 Download

Author: masken|4 comment|12077 view | Date: 17-03-2015, 12:26
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Logo Minecraft 1.7.5

I think everyone was looking forward to version 1.8.2, but this month, we only got Minecraft 1.7.5 (which you can download for free). It slightly changes, but they you just need to be interested in.

Release date: 26.02.2014.


In Minecraft Realms added Mini Games. About them, you can learn more from the video:

Very interesting idea, because this is the chip that functions. While there are not many games, about 6, but the list will surely be expanded. So users, this will be of interest to you. It is not clear that Russia and other nearby countries, but hopefully we will open this miracle!

- New countries connected to Minecraft Realms.
- Improved server performance.

There is already a newer version: Minecraft 1.7.9.
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