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OptiFine HD for Minecraft 1.7.2

Author: redfox|7 comment|3479 view | Date: 2-02-2015, 09:23
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OptiFine HD for Minecraft 1.7.2

In terms of usefulness rating this mod is unbelievable. It is extremely useful. That actually already mentioned more than once by our project, and indeed all players of Minecraft. It performs three functions. But they are very important for any player. Now we will talk about what he's doing. The first thing you should create a topic, is that this mod will increase FPS. The second is that it will speed up the loading of chunks. Third, and probably the main advantage of this mod is that the graphics in the game, it would be better. This mod we published for Minecraft 1.7.2.

1) Install Forge
2) The files from the folder OptiFine HD [1.7.2] move in mods
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