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How to install Minecraft Forge

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How to install Minecraft Forge

If you want to learn how to install Minecraft Forge, in this article, we briefly with screenshots raspisali all. You will need only 5 minutes to install, after which you can install into your minecraft mods.

If you use the Official launcher:

1) Download the installer the correct version of Minecraft Forge from the Official site or our website.

Download ForgeDownload Forge

2) Open the downloaded .jar file, and click OK (If the path is automatically defined correctly). Installation will begin.

Install Forge

3) Now in the launcher, select the profile "Forge".

Forge Profile

4) If all goes well, the game starts and the button appears on the Mods menu and information in the lower left corner.

Menu Minecraft ForgeMenu Minecraft Forge

Even easier installation, through TLauncher:

1) Download Tlauncher and run.

2) Select menu versions need Forge:

TLauncher Forge

3) Click the Install button and wait until the game starts.

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