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Peaceful Surface for Minecraft 1.7.2

Author: redfox|0 comment|2126 view | Date: 15-03-2015, 06:45
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Peaceful Surface for Minecraft 1.7.2

PeacefulSurface - quality mods which will simplify the gameplay. If you are tired of difficulty, and you want to relax and beat the game in a leisurely and peaceful manner, then this mod is what you keep waiting. PeacefulSurface - the most peaceful modification of Minecraft that allows easy and not forced "crafting" all that only wants your soul.

As you can guess - monsters in mods has suffered the most. They are now impossible to find on the surface and in the underground it is difficult to find. It's simple - they are hidden in places with zero illumination, a different caves, pits. If you are tired of the world - jump into the pit, where the vertebrae are waiting for you for a very long time.
Construction in mods was not changed, no new units, recipes and tools of production, too, is not made. Swords, as such, in mods do not need (because there is no enemy monsters). The absence of the latter reduces the number of possible advantages, the drop from mobs. But more than compensated for by the free "Kraft".

Series 1.72 brought a lot of innovations, and on the Peaceful Surface to use them a pleasure. Nothing detracts from the joy of building, handling many of the recipes and some of the other beautiful parts of the world Minecraft.

1. Install Minecraft Forge.
2. To download the mod.
3. Go to the folder minecraft/mods.
4. Drag the downloaded jar (zip) file.

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