» » » Скачать Koi Fish for Minecraft 1.7.2

Скачать Koi Fish for Minecraft 1.7.2

Author: redfox|0 comment|1778 view | Date: 7-04-2015, 12:46
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Скачать Koi Fish for Minecraft 1.7.2

Koi Fish is quite a strange mod, not important and necessary. In mods there is just one innovation - a fish called Koi, more in addition to nothing found. You might think that the fish is extremely unusual, then you are mistaken. From the ordinary fish of Minecraft it features only the name and appearance, nothing good in it. Except that you can get the fish meat, but it is already there in the other inhabitants of the sea.

However it is possible to get a fishing rod, but as a regular piercing, which somewhat facilitates the process of obtaining, as the fish tries to escape. It is also helpful increased production of fish fillet, compared to conventional fish.
Also the Koi fish can live with a howl Dominie, but need her egg, which is not so easy to craft. But you will have your own aquarium.

More benefit from Koi and mods is not, so it is not particularly useful, perhaps due to the temporary loss of ideas, or laziness of the developer, in any case - mod not particularly successful, except for fans of the aquarium. So not worth much to get my hopes up, installing the mod, because in addition to fish, there you will not notice valuable acquisitions, it is therefore worthwhile to consider similar additions with an abundance of new "crafting".

1. Install Minecraft Forge.
2. To download the mod.
3. Go to the folder minecraft/mods.
4. Drag the downloaded jar (zip) file.

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