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Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

Author: masken|15 comment|5045 view | Date: 19-07-2016, 16:40
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Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

The developers claim that in 2016 it is impossible to live without gadgets and the gadgets of today, so they decided that Minecraft things should be, and there was this version of... In it you will find 3 new items and 1 new block, of course they are all modern gadgets. It is clear that this version is just a April fools joke from Mojang and in the release version these innovations are definitely not coming in. Therefore, you need now to download Minecraft 1.RV and check out the new "stuff".

Update name: Trendy Update .

Release date for Minecraft 1.RV-Pre1: March 31, 2016.


The charging block USB. Has the same function as the block of Redstone - create a signal with a power of 15.

Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

Virtual reality glasses. Show the minimap in the bottom of the screen. Show the player's location - a green bar on the minimap. Put some shading effects (scan_pincushion). Glasses, on the plates you see the words "OBEY" is a reference to the film "They Live"

Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download
Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

Beacon. Is the slot for boots. Displays a message in the night if I stray to far from spawn that you broke curfew. Includes the effects of the slowness.

Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

Smart watch. Withdrawal time in a convenient format above the hot bar. Display a message in chat about a certain number of steps, jumps, etc.

Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

Other changes:
- Mobs can get a new modern stuff;
- Changed the texture plates and the text color was green:

Minecraft 1.RV [Pre1] Download

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