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Minecraft 1.10 Download

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Minecraft 1.10 Download

The release version of Minecraft 1.9 was held and that means only one thing, the developers are already working on the next update. This time, number 1.10. Many of us were hoping for a 2.0, but the developers have categorically stated that no such version will be in the next update. Therefore, the expected release to download Minecraft 1.10 from our website!

1.10 release date: 8 June 2016.
Title: The Frostburn Update.

New mobs:


A new subspecies of the skeleton, which spionida in cold biomes. Shoots arrows of deceleration, after the death of the mob can drop.

Minecraft 1.10 Download


A new kind of zombie that spawnid in hot biomes. Does not burn in the sun. The player at impact is the effect of hunger.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

Polar bear

New mob, there are adult individuals and cubs. Spawn in cold biomes. If the bear was under attack, the young flee, and attack the adults. Of them can fall fish.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

New blocks:


Is in hell next to the lava lakes. It is impossible to step, will receive the damage of one heart per second, but the burn will not. You can get a pick above the wood, and crafted from 4 pieces of the lava cream.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

Block hell.

Decorative block, which will crafted of 9 pieces of infernal growth. Most rapidly extracted with an ax.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

Red brick hell

Decorative block is mined with a wooden pickaxe and above, otherwise nothing will fall out. Will crafted of two pieces of hell build-up, and two pieces of infernal brick.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

The blocks of bone

A decorative block that can only be obtained with a pick better than wood. Generated in the new structure - a Giant bone. Can be crafted from 9 pieces of bone dust, and in the opposite direction.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

Structural blocks

They got new textures. According to employees of Mojang, these units will be useful not only to developers, and creators of maps and mini games.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

Other changes:

The structure can now be saved and loaded from the new folder - structures.

Minecraft 1.10 Download

New option in settings - Auto Jump. With his help, the game will attempt to jump the barrier into one unit. The default will be immediately activated.

New eggs call. All the new mobs and the old, where previously there were none: a Mule, Horse-zombie Horse-Skeleton, Donkey, Cat, Ancient guard, Skeleton-osushiteli. (Later, in the release version removed them! You can find only snapshots.)

Other changes:
- Limits will be removed from ID of the blocks;
- Changed the command /setblock
For example, to set down a block of blue wool, it will /setblock blue_wool instead of /setblock minecraft:wool 11
- Improvements associated with trolleys;
- Changes in structures;
- Table loot: the Ability to change objects, free from destroyed blocks;
- More customization of Elytra;
- Team /the clone will be able to rotate and invert structure;
- May be added to the crafting seamless plates, if the developers will find a good recipe.
- Biome mesas appear abandoned mines. Taken from Minecraft PE.
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